8 Reasons to Shop Faith-Based Apparel

8 Reasons to Shop Faith-Based Apparel

Whether it's the holiday season, a friend's birthday month, or just a shopping trip you want to make on a Monday, it is always a good idea to shop with intention. There are countless reasons to shop with an independently-owned Christian business and not with that immoral corporation we are always tempted to support because of convenience. So, I've put together a brief (there doubtless can be more reasons) for you to shop "faith-based apparel" and not cheap, fast fashion from H&M or Amazon.

In particular, this blog post focuses on Kasey's Corner Shop clothing because I really cannot speak on behalf of other clothing companies. Our clothing is illustrated, designed, and made with specific qualities in mind - specific characteristics that they must possess in order to live up to our ideals.

1. Faith-based apparel is encouraging. Christian graphics and quotes and Bible verses are an inspiration and encouragement to me, and I'm sure it they are to you as well! The Bible tells us many times to do things that are edifying and uplifting. Edifying means to "instruct, especially so as to encourage intellectual and spiritual improvement." Every time I design a new graphic/design for a new piece of clothing, I try to think of ways to encourage and edify you all. I hope and pray that this apparel is encouraging to you. I love that I can buy faith-based apparel from other Christian shops and be encouraged by Scripture daily.

2. Scriptural apparel is a great conversation starter. Do you ever wonder how you can be a better witness to unbelievers? Well, wearing Scriptural clothing and using Scriptural products starts conversations with unbelievers more often than you think! Not only are faith-based products inspiring and encouraging to believers, but you never know what influence they will have on a searching soul.

The next three or four points are specifically tailored to the clothing items that I design, make, and sell in my shop! However, I have found other Christian apparel shops that are great examples of business that also have these qualities. 

We sought out the highest quality, best method for printing our apparel that allowed us to have the most control over quality and production. That means that our apparel is...

3. Permanently screen printed. They will last through the washer without peeling or fading after washing and repeated use.

4. Made to last. Not only is the graphic high quality, but so is the material we choose to produce our apparel on. Hand pressing each design on durable fabric, allows us to play the part of quality control and not an outside manufacturer. 

5. Enjoy hassle free care! This all boils down to.... no care instructions on washing and caring for your garment!

6. Our apparel is soft and cozy when it gets to you and stays that way down the road, even after a few hundred wash cycles.

7. We pour love - and prayers - over this business, our products, our creations, and our customers. You can expect love and prayers when you receive an order from our business. As a Christian business, we make a statement that Christ is put forth first and foremost. Our goals are to witness to the world and help you witness to your world. We see the importance of showing forth the love of Jesus as we go about our work to the best of our ability. And we realize we would not even be in business if it wasn't for your support. Just like the trendy Instagram Reel sound, "To the person supporting my small business, I love you. I really really love you."

8. In the end, by purchasing from an independently-owned Christian shop, you are supporting a small business instead of a corporation with large amounts of power, little care for individuals, and shaky morals. I could go on for ages on the pros to supporting small businesses. In fact, I wrote an entire Instagram post and created a graphic around this very topic last Christmas. Check it out on our Instagram page @kaseyscornershop! You will have to scroll back to around Christmas 2020, but here is a snapshot of what you are looking for.

Shop Small this Holiday Season

Shop Small Business

I hope this post encourages you to shop with small, Christian shops in the future. Or it helps you in your own faith-based business to define specific ideals that you want your items - apparel or not - to live up to! Let me know if you have purchased apparel from Kasey's Corner Shop in the future, and if there are Christian companies that I can check out in the future! I'm always looking to increase my arsenal of Christian business friends and support the community of believers. 

With love and prayers,


Kasey, Owner/Illustrator 

Kasey's Corner Shop LLC



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