We are Rebranding! Here's Why....

We are Rebranding! Here's Why....

Kasey's Corner Shop --> Common Grace Print Shop

Hi, friends! 

On Saturday, April 1st, 2023, Kasey's Corner Shop is officially transitioning to Common Grace Print Shop. While this is bittersweet, I have full confidence that you will love the new branding, renewed vision, and re-energized passion just as much as you have loved Kasey's Corner Shop.

Not a lot is changing though, so don't worry! We will still be here - the same humans behind the business, and we will bring you the same passion for Jesus that shows through in our content and products (by the Lord's strength, that is)! Plus our products aren't changing drastically. Read on to find out what is changing and what this new, revamped business is all about...

The Name Change

First and foremost on everyone's mind when they see the new branding is the name change. This has to be the hardest thing for a business to change because you risk ruining a brand reputation by losing a bit of recognition that was built up with that old brand name. But we thought it was right to take the risk for a few reasons...

1. I wanted to change the name to remove the focus from "Kasey."

2. We niched down and focused our brand.

To understand, you need the history...

Kasey's Corner Shop was a name born from a high school speech project. It fit the business when I started in 2019. I was selling a hodge podge of products as I tested out what I really wanted to do and had a passion for. Kasey's Corner Shop was vague enough to fit anything I did while not very out of the box. The first sale I had was to my best friend, and it was handmade earrings! Many of you probably didn't even know I used to sell earrings. It didn't last long as I found that I did not like to make jewelry. So, I switched it up! I started dabbling in epoxy. At first I created coasters and odds and ends. When people liked the coasters that Christmas season, I decided to ask my little brother build me cup spinners and created designs on stainless steel cups and sealed them in epoxy. I did this for awhile, and cups were popular. Then, I started having allergic reactions to the epoxy, so we faded those out. At the beginning of 2020, I bought a Cricut machine and created my first stickers. It blew me away how popular those two little safari animal stickers were on Etsy! In fact, we still sell them today in a higher quality vinyl. Since then we have branched out into shirts, stationery, and other items. As we grew, we upgraded machines and added some new ones! Through the years, I figured out what I was passionate about making and sharing. I found success in certain items and felt the Lord's hand directing away from others. 

With much prayer and waiting on the Lord, I felt directed to change the name of the business to reflect the passions He put on my heart and the direction I feel Him leading me. With a passion for studying the Word of God and encouraging others to do the same, I am so excited to share more illustrated apparel, stationery, and home goods (like glasses and mugs!) that point people to the Lord and to His Word. I am excited to continue sharing Biblical resources and content and to create products that help you study the Word. II Timothy 2:15 has been written on my heart and I hope and pray this shop encourages Christians to be men and women of the Word and not of the world. 

The Lord was working in my business from the very beginning and in my heart throughout this entire journey. In fact, my personal testimony is woven deeply into this little business of mine. As the Lord changed my heart and my passions, it deeply changed what products I design for this business and the why we are in business. I do not want this business to be about me - I want it all to glorify the Lord and point to Him. If a stranger simply sees the name "Common Grace Print Shop," I want them to wonder about this common grace and what it means. That Google search or conversation will point them to Jesus and that is enough. 

The Vision & Mission

At Common Grace Print Shop, we are in pursuit of the Word of God. God's Word is our guide as Christians but is something many of us struggle to keep ourselves immersed in. II Timothy 2:15 says, "Study to shew thyself APPROVED UNTO GOD, a workman that needeth NOT TO BE ASHAMED." We cannot afford to not be diving daily into the Word and that is something we are passionate about. We exist to inspire our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to grow in the knowledge and study of Scripture and spend more time in our prayer closets for this is how we win our battles on this side of glory.

Mission Statement: Inspiring a love for the Word through illustrated stationery, apparel, and home goods.

The Products

Common Grace Print Shop is still creating similar products that we did under the name Kasey's Corner Shop. You will still find stationery goods, apparel, stickers, and drinkware on our website, at events, and on wholesale sites. We are super excited to add more items, and we are retiring older designs. 

Our products are...

* Stationery (prayer journals, notebooks, stickers, study materials), Christian apparel, home goods (glasses, mugs, wall art), and more! All with the focus on Jesus.

* Made in the USA.

* Made in house where possible.

* Designed by Kasey :)

* Created prayerfully to inspire your love for the Word of God.

* Made to encourage you to study God's Word, fight your battles on your knees, and grow in your relationship with the Lord.

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