We are Rebranding! (Coming Soon April 1, 2023)

We are Rebranding! (Coming Soon April 1, 2023)

Hi, friends!

The cat is out of the bag! We are rebranding! Big things are coming, but here are the footnotes...

1. We will be changing our name!

While we will not be revealing the name just yet, this rebrand will include changing our business name from Kasey's Corner Shop. The main reason for this is the shift of focus in the company. We are niching down and realigning goals in this rebrand. It started with changing the name from a generic name that focused on me, the artist, to a name that points people to the Lord and tells a story of what we do and why we do it. 

2. New branding, but not so new...

*Wink wink* We have been transitioning to new brand colors for a month or so now! You have already seen sneak peeks of branding and things such as color schemes, styles, fonts, and icons if you follow us on Instagram! This will mean new product packaging, a solidified tagline, and all the goodies that I had so much fun designing and creating. Your new orders will be so cute!

3. A new website is on it's way!

Of course, a rebrand this drastic requires a website revamp! We will have a new domain name, but are keeping the old "kaseyscornershop.com" so that searches will be redirected to the right place! Can't remember the name a week after launch? No problem. Just search for "kaseyscornershop," and it will pop up! I cannot wait to show off the new features and design. I have been working hard on it for y'all...

4. New Instagram handle too.

I am crossing my fingers that the transition on Instagram/Facebook to the new business name will be seamless... I have already reserved the name on Instagram, and I think I will hold on to the other name (if possible) to redirect folks if needed. You won't have to worry about following a new account as I plan to just switch the name when the time comes ;)

5. Products, products, products, and maybe a few services...

Now to the most important question: How will this change what you sell and what you do as a business? It won't! Well not really. We will still carry apparel, drink ware, stickers, and stationery so don't worry! The old designs may be phased out as we offer new products and new designs to better fit our mission and encourage you in your walk of faith!

Here are a few of the products that we will be fading out. If you would like one, grab one before they go out of stock...

    Bookmarks  Today Notepad   Marine Animal Postcards Fruit of the Spirit Notebook

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