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Chosen and Loved Hoodie (Color: Rose Water)

Chosen and Loved Hoodie (Color: Rose Water)

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The Chosen and Loved Hoodie is a soft, fleece hooded sweatshirt with a powerful message. The chest reads "Chosen and Loved" while the sleeve reads "Now Walk Worthy." Inspired by the book of Ephesians, this design is a reminder of how God views us and the call to living our lives worthy of that calling.

Our apparel is designed to help you wear your faith. Make a statement. Start a conversation. Who knows whose life you may touch by wearing gospel truths! We are called to be disciples, sharing the gospel with all the nations. What better way to start than by putting God's Truth in front of believers and unbelievers alike?

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We exist to inspire you in your walk of faith. Let's pursue the Lord together!


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