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Sunflower Glass Can (20 oz)

Sunflower Glass Can (20 oz)

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This glass was based on the fan favorite sunflower glass that we originally sold in the 16 oz size. This beautiful glass is in stores across the country! We are so excited to give it an upgrade!! Now 20 oz (instead of 16) and dishwasher safe! The "Sunflower" glass is perfect for your iced coffee, smoothies, and other drinks. The 20 ounce size makes for the perfect size, especially when you add ice to your drinks!

Our goal at Common Grace Print Shop is to encourage you to put Scripture truth in front of you daily. It is so vital for us as Christians to feast on the Word throughout the day and not just when we are having our devotions or study time. Use these glasses to encourage yourself in the Word.

This Item Comes With...

- Plastic 9 inch reusable straw
- Bamboo lid with silicone seal (fits smoothie straws or regular straws

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We exist to inspire you in your walk of faith. Let's pursue the Lord together!


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